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Interpreter and Instructor Dispatch Service
1. At C-ITIS graduates from prestigeous domestic and foreign unversities and interpretation and translation graduate schools make up our team of world-class interpretors and provide professional interpretion services.

2. Customized interpretation services at C-ITIS originate from our own unique test-and-interview system designed to select highly qualified interpreters who have a great deal of work experience with international conferences, seminars, symposiums, press conferences, export consultation meetings, international exhibitions, tour guiding and presiding over international events.

3. Sophisticated interpretation services at C-ITIS come from our efforts to meed every need of our all of our client’s needs by means of thorough training and education that we give to our interpreters before dispatch.

4. The instruction team at C-ITIS consists of Korean instructors who have graduated from Korean language education graduate schools and of foreign interpreters who have rich teaching experiences.

  # 5-114, Hyochang-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-896, South Korea   Tel : +82-2-717-9622/9633 Fax : +82-2-717-6955/6956, +82-505-779-0313
  E-mail : c-itis@c-itis.com / luckycitis@empal.com